Our exceptional team of leaders guides us to meet the highest standards of sisterhood, integrity, and academic excellence. These sisters passionately and confidently serve as the pillars upon which our sorority prospers.

  • Sharolyn Balbaugh

    VP of Finance/Treasurer
  • Ashlee Abyad

    VP of Recruitment
  • Riley Bennett

    VP of Communications/Secretary
  • Keegan Connolly

    VP of Social Relations
  • Lillian Reiman

    VP of Housing Affairs
  • Danielle Kerich

    VP of New Member Education/Member Educator
  • Elizabeth Woods

    VP of Sisterhood
  • Callie Kleinke

    VP of Member Development
  • Kiara Schmidt

    VP of Standards
  • Jillian Erml

    Director of Alumnae Relations
  • Kirsten Hartke

    Director of Intramurals
  • Ayanda Scoburgh

    Director of Media
  • Diya Adengada

    Director of Professional Development
  • Claire Kaddoura

    Director of Ritual
  • Nessie Iheanyi-Iqwe

    Director of Philanthropy
  • Rachel Sheets

    Director of Community Service
  • Erin Keene

    Director of Apparel
  • Elizabeth Graff

    Director of Fundraising
  • Anastasia Doty